Access to LNGS  

Access to the Underground Laboratories (and thus to LUNA-400) is possible only after having participated to a dedicated safety course. This course must be renewed every 2 years.  The  next appointments are available at these links for courses in Italian and courses in English language.

  1. Request for Access to LNGS
    1. Fill in and sign
    2. send to junker[at]
  2. Request for permission of your institution
    1. To be produced on your Institution's letter head.
    2. must be stamped and signed by your institution's  Director
    3. send by e-mail to LNGS
  3. Requests for use of IT resources
    1. Get in touch with Andreas

LUNA Telephone numbers at LNGS

Underground lab +39 0862 437 321
Shifters office +39 0862 437 546
Shifter's Mobil Phone: +39 329 906 1989
Site Manager's Mobile Phone: +39 366 658 4660


Important information for working at LUNA

Internal Website

LUNA Electronic Logbooks (LEL) -- Requires vpn access.

 Hotels close to LNGS


Fonte Cerreto, Funivia G.Sasso, 67010 Assergi (AQ) 
Tel.: (+39) 0862 606840 
Fax: (+39) 0862 608811 
e-mail hotel @


Fonte Cerreto, Funivia G.Sasso, 67010 Assergi (AQ)  
phone: +39 0862 606678 
fax: +39 0862 606688 


Fonte Cerreto, Funivia G.Sasso, 67010 Assergi (AQ)  
phone: +39 0862 606171 
fax: +39 0862 606674


Strada Statale 17 bis, 67010 Assergi (AQ)  
phone: + 39 0862 606225 
fax: +39 0862 606043


Strada Statale 17 bis, 67010 Assergi (AQ)  
phone: +390862 606774, +39340 7121425, +39340 7121426

Hotels close to or in L'Aquila downtown

HOTEL Federico II***

Hotel Federico II
Via Strinella
67100 L'Aquila
Tel:+39 0862.21191
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Piazza Battaglione Alpini, 67100 L'Aquila
phone: +39 0862 419147
fax: +39 0862 419140
double rooms for 1 person 70,00
15 rooms available up to May 31


Via dei Giardini, 6, 67100 L'Aquila
Tel +39 (0)862.420260 
Fax +39 (0)862.27060 


Via Simonetto, 67100 L'Aquila 5a
Tel.: +39 0862 22440

Hotels near A24 exit "L'Aquila Ovest" (about 20 km from the Lab)


Bivio S. Antonio, 67100 L'Aquila
phone: +39 0862 315 757 
fax: +39 0862 315 987


Localita' S. Antonio, 67100 L'Aquila 1
phone: +39 0862 317402 
fax: +39 0862 317398

Other alternatives 

Some more lodging options can also be found on the Teramo side of the Gran Sasso is in this map (scroll down in the left section of the screen to get the full list)

Details how to reach our Laboratory can be found below


By Plane

The nearest airports to the LNGS are in Fiumicino and Ciampino close to Rome. In addition there is the Abruzzo Airport in Pescara. Please note that the only convenient way to reach LNGS from Pescara Airport is by car.

If you arrive in one of the Rome airports you can use the direct bus connecting the airports and L'Aquila. The buses run according to this schedule. Tickets can be bought online in advance. It is also possible to buy the tickets directly when boarding the bus at the airport. 

Note that these busses do not arrive at the Collemaggio Bus Terminal but only at the "Hotel Amiternum" bus stop. For those arriving in the evening it my be a good deal to stay at Hotel Amiternum or at Hotel Azzurro over night.

Another solution to reach L'Aquila by public trasport is to transfer from the airports to the Tiburtina Bus Station where there are several buses departing to L'Aquila.

  • From Fiumicino you can take the train in the direction of Fara Sabina or Orte.This train stops at Roma Tiburtina
  • From Ciampino you transfer to the Termini station in the city center. From Termini reach Tiburtina Station using the Metro B. From Tiburtina Station take the bus to reach L'Aquila 


By Bus

The bus station in Rome is located in front of  the Tiburtina railway station. There are daily runs by  the TUA Company according this timetable. In L'Aquila the buses arrive at the Collemaggio Bus Terminal. For more  information: 

From the Collemaggio Bus Terminal take Mini bus nr M6 to Funivia which reaches LNGS directly without changing. The bus travels every 2h at 8:00, 10:00, 12:00, 14:00, 16:00, 18:00, 20:30. 
You can download the timetables on the website of the transportation company.


By Car

The laboratory is located near the Assergi exit of the A24 motorway Teramo-Rome

From Fiumicino Airport follow the signs for Rome. After about 13 km, take the ramp Naples/L'Aquila (on the right) and follow the signs for the motorway L'Aquila-Teramo/Pescara/Firenze for about 30 km. Leave the highway at  exit 14 and take the motorway A24 L'Aquila-Teramo until Assergi. After the tollgate turn right and follow the signs for the Gran Sasso National Laboratories. 


Telephone Conference

LUNA has a telephone conference room in the INFN Conferencing system. Its access code is 1952. 
The phone conference can be reached by internet following these instructions.

Briefly, you can use any SIP compliant client (eg. X-Lite for Windows, Macintosh and Linux or JFPhone for Linux), just use the following parameters: 
SIP proxy port 5060
Login: 2004 Password: 5555 
The access code of the LUNA conference room is 1952.

You can reach this room with these (telephone numbers)


Video Conference

  • LUNA uses the Video Conferencing system officially supported by INFN.
  • The SeevoghRN program must be installed on you computer. 
    Please install the software before the start of the meeting and familiarize to the platform.
  • Enter the meeting (already active one day before the start of the real meeting using the link provided by the organizer)
  • Once entered the meeting you can test you audio settings:
    1. At the "Menu bottom" in the top left corner of the window
    2. select Help ---> Test Audio/Video settings
      You get an audio/vidoe loopback which allows yourself to check your audio setup is fine.
  • Once installed the application, it is useful to register to SeevoghRN if you are at an institution which supports SeevoghRN (INFN does, for others: please see your IT department for information)
  • Mobile apps for SeevoghRN are available for Android and IOs.
  • You can also dial into a conference from a traditional landline telephone at national (or even local) rates.
    For more details refer to the e-mail which will be send out before each Video Conference.


Please note: 

  • Microphones are muted by default and must be opened before speaking, while they should be closed during the rest of the meeting. 
    On LINUX, Microphones can be unmuted pressing key F7, otherwise, just klick on the microphone symbol at the top of the screen.
  • Use the chat to ask to talk
  • Desktop sharing can be easily activated in case of need
  • There is an app (seevoghrn) for Android and iPhone. So you can connect also from you Mobile Devices
  • Phone Bridge: You can also just call in with a normal land line or cell phone (obviously you have to pay) using the geographical phone numbers providede in the organizer's invitations mail. Once you have dialled the telephone number you have to deliver the Phone Bridge ID and the Phone bridge Password.