PI: Andreas Best

WG members: M. Aliotta, A. Boeltzig, C. Bruno,  R. Buompane, R. deBoer, A. Di Leva, A. Formicola, G. Gyurky, G. Imbriani, M. Junker, F. Pantaleo, R. Perrino, L. Schiavulli, F. Strieder, M. Wiescher


Astrophysical Motivation:

  •  18O depletion in AGB stars 


Experimental Setup

This reaction is being measured at the solid target station of LUNA 400. The lowest energy data are taken with a high-efficiency 4 pi BGO summing crystal, higher-energy cross section and resonance branchings are measured with a HPGe detector. Both setups are lead shielded.

Targets are anodised tantalum backings using highly enriched O-18 water.