PIs: Alba Formicola, Matthias Junker

WG members: M Aliotta, A Best, CG Bruno, A. Caciolli, T Davinson, A Di Leva, A Formicola, G Gervino, A Guglielmetti, G Gyurky, G Imbriani, M Junker, F Strieder


Astrophysical Motivation:

  • Hydrogen burning in AGB stars and classical novae
  • Nucleosynthesis of rare isotopes such as 17O and 18F

  • Isotopic abundances in pre-solar grains 


Experimental Setup

The reaction was measured using a silicon detector array arranged on a hemisphere around a water-cooled Ta2O5 target enriched in 17O. The main goal of the measurement was to determine the resonance strength of the 64.5 keV reaction in the 17O+p centre of mass. Results have been published on PRL 117 (2016) 142502